11. altonale Kunstherbst 2017

Ich bin auch dieses Jahr wieder beim altonale Kunstherbst vertreten. Das wird das erste Mal sein, dass ich der Öffentlichkeit meine Bilderserie 'Con Orgullo - Las Indias' zeige. Die Bilderserie ist eine Hommage an die indigenen Frauen Lateinamerikas und besteht hauptsächlich aus Portraitszeichnungen von Gesichtern mit Vergangenheit.

New ink drawing in self-built wooden frame

I know you might have seen this ink drawing 'finished' already, but to me it still needed some color in the background. And because I seem to have a hand for wooden things lately, I continued with also building a frame for 'La india'. The drawing itself measures ca. 56 x 56cm, the frame 65 x 71cm. This drawing is for sale.

New tiny paintings in self-built wooden frames

Being tired of buying frames that can't bring the authentic charme of old Mexican frames, I recently started building my own wooden frames. I started with two of the tiniest paintings I have ever done so far: a Mexican doll and a portrait of an older woman (sold). Both are painted with acrylics.

10. altonale Kunstherbst 2016

Ich freue mich sehr meine Kunst zum ersten Mal beim altonalen Kunstherbst zu zeigen! Das Event beginnt am 5. und 6. November jeweils um 11Uhr. mehr infos

Work in progress

Hamburg zeigt Kunst

Am 29. Oktober findet ihr meine Kunst wieder bei Hamburg zeigt Kunst in der Fischauktionshalle Altona.
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Hamburg zeigt Kunst

Ihr findet meine Kunst und Fotografie beim diesjährigen Hamburg zeigt Kunst am 27. August im Hamburger Stadtpark (ich werde natürlich auch da sein!).

New ink drawing

After two months I finally finished my biggest ink portrait so far: A portrait of David Lynch with the measurements of ca. 57 x 83cm (sold).

Magazine interview

Indigo, the German cultural Magazine for Wolfsburg and area, invited me for an interview due to my photography exhibition in the Wolfsburger Schloss in late 2013. I talked about my past, the present and my future plans. And I had to speak my mind about the local art scene. The article comes along with some of my Mexico MMXII photographs. You can click here to view the print version or click here to read the web version on the Indigo page.